The gardener

Image by Cristina

Image by Cristina

A rose tree was blooming its heart out in a beautiful garden. A traveler passing by on the road stopped near the rose tree, amazed at its beauty. Enchanted by the scent of the roses, the traveler reached to pick a flower.

– “Mind your hand, traveler! My flowers have thorns”, warned the rose tree. “Only the gardener may pick my flowers. He spends his days attending to me and he has the tools to cut my flowers so that my thorns won’t prick him.”

-“Forgive me, I didn’t know”, answered the traveler. “But aren’t you afraid your flowers will die when the gardener cuts them?”

-“I can always grow more flowers”, uttered the rose tree, “but I want to adorn my gardener’s house. I’m here to bring him joy.”

– “You are very generous with him”, said the traveler.

-“I wouldn’t exist without him. He knows my rhythms. In winter when I have neither leaves nor flowers, we both wait patiently for the spring to come again. Every year my flowers are more beautiful and my fragrance is more intense because of his care.”

-“Your gardener must be very proud”, continued the traveler.

– “All I see is his smile while he quenches my thirst. All I hear is the song he sings while he picks the weed around me. While others love me for themselves, he loves me for myself.”

-“Would you mind if I smell your flowers?”, inquired the traveler.

-“That I won’t mind. And know that while you travel your endless roads, you will marvel at the beauty of many gardens and you will be charmed by the perfume of their flowers. And one day you will grow your own garden.”

-“Not everyone is a gardener”, replied the traveler.

-“Everyone is a gardener.. they just don’t know it yet”, whispered the rose tree, while a gush of wind blew its scent all across the road, leaving the traveler on its path, a smile on his face and a song in his heart.

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2 Responses to The gardener

  1. Cristina says:

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Goshal says:

    Beautiful 🙂

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