Somewhere under the rainbow

486754_623515424344279_2144195664_nNina was a journalist who had always been fond of travelling. She must have been in hundreds of planes, trains, buses or cars. She deeply believed in the saying “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”, therefore she tried to keep her mind and heart open to whatever magic was out there waiting for her in the world. That day she was on a plane, traveling to attend a friend’s wedding. Nina was seated by the window, eager to see the world from above. She always loved being above the clouds, they reminded her of fresh snow, but a bit closer to the heavens. Seated next to her was a little girl, about the age of 6-7, traveling with her mom. Soon after the plane took off, the little girl’s mother fell asleep, leaving her busy with a coloring book. Nina was lost in her thoughts, so she didn’t pay much attention to her little neighbor.

At a certain moment during the flight, the captain announced a storm, all passengers were advised to stay in their seats. The rain soon cleared and the plane was above the clouds again, under a bright sun. Suddenly, Nina saw one of the most amazing things she ever witnessed. A huge rainbow appeared very close to the plane, she felt as if she could reach out and touch it. She loved rainbows, and felt they were part of the magic she was so fascinated with. Nina must have seen hundreds of them all around the world, but this one had something special: it was really close, closer than any other rainbow ever was. This time, not only could she witness the magic, it was almost as if she could be part of it. “If there was ever a movie called “Magical world”, this could be the making-off”, she thought to herself smiling.

“It’s made of angel dust, you know”, a little voice spoke.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?”

“Angel dust.. it’s what rainbows are made of”, Nina’s little neighbor said.

“Oh, I see. And what is that?”

“It’s like fairy dust, but for angels. There’s a special angel that picks the dust from the angels’ wings .. that’s called angel dust. It’s a combination of stardust and fairy dust, but much more powerful”.

Nina’s eyes were sparkling with excitement. She felt like a little girl again, playing in a secret garden with her best friend.

“I wish we had some angel dust too”, Nina said. “So we can make our own rainbows whenever we want”.

“We will, when our wings fully grow”, the little girl said, in a very serious tone.

“What’s your name, darling?”


“I’m Nina. So, Sara, what did you mean about those wings? I thought only birds or.. angels have them.”

“We all have them, but we forgot. Until they are fully grown again, we are angels with growing wings. Only when they are fully grown, we can fly. Until we can fly, no dust can come on our wings. We have to wait until then to make our own angel dust”.

“And who told you all these things, Sara?”

“No one. I just figured it out on my own.”

“Aham. So how is angel dust different than fairy dust?”

“It’s different because it has magic, like fairy dust, but it also has some more angels’ stuff in it.. like love and hope.. Santa Clause’s sleigh is also made of angel dust .. and maybe dolphins too, but I’m not sure..”

“Sara, are you bothering people again with your stories?”, the little girl’s mother said covering her yawn.

“Oh, it’s ok”, Nina said, “I really enjoyed her company. Your daughter has a wonderful imagination.”

“You’re so kind, she probably read too many fairytales if you ask me.”, the lady said. “Oh, look at the time, I must have slept for quite a while.. we’re landing soon”.

“You missed an amazing rainbow before”, Nina continued.

“Oh, there will be other rainbows”.

“I guess.. this one was very special though.. we passed right under it. Never saw one so close before”, Nina said, more to herself.

“That’s nice”, the lady said. “Sara, put down your coloring book, we’re preparing for landing soon”.

And soon enough, the plane landed, and everyone rushed out to find their luggage. Just before losing sight of her, Nina waved and smiled to Sara.

“Don’t forget to grow your wings”, Sara said, with the same serious tone she had carried the whole conversation with.

Nina was left with a smile on her face, a light in her eyes and a silent joy in her heart. Out of all the rainbows, and all the plane rides, this was definitely the most unforgettable. It was as if she had passed under a rainbow, on a magic carpet.. made of angel dust.

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